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Coronavirus (Covid 19) & Vaccination Explained

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Hey Readers! Today I will be discussing how Coronavirus attacks your body and how a person lethally gets affected by it. Also, I will be explaining how a vaccine works in the human body and how it helps to fight the deadly virus. Lastly, I will tell you’ll which vaccine is the most effective and suitable for an individual. Click the button down at the end of the post to listen to the article!

How does Corona Virus attack your body?

Coronavirus has spike proteins on its outer layer. These spike proteins are very deadly as it helps the virus in entering the body, the genetic material inside it is known as RNA.  RNA helps to multiply in a body. The virus can only enter the human body from the lungs and nowhere else. They cannot enter from a cell membrane as it is semipermeable and only allows protein etc to enter. Lungs have very sensitive cells.

Spike proteins of the virus get stuck with the receptors in the lungs which is the only source of entry for this virus and infect you.  As the spike protein gets stuck with the receptors it pulls it inside the body and then the virus starts to The nucleus of a cell is unaware of a virus that has penetrated the cell.

 The virus goes to ribosomes which multiply proteins. Causing them to multiply in a wink of an eye, with the help of genetic material(RNA) and ribosomes. This is known as replication. The immune system now starts to fight with the Covid 19 virus and due to this, a person gets a fever.

The immune system produces antibodies that stick to the spike proteins. If the virus now tries to enter from the receptors, the antibodies stuck on the spike protein won’t let that happen as the receptors cannot pull the virus inside because in between the receptors and the spike protein there are antibodies.

 A human body should produce a lot of antibodies as there are thousands of spike proteins on one virus, If even one spike protein is left without any antibody it will make a way to enter the cells. People who have a weak immune system will die as they cannot produce antibodies. If the spike protein is removed from the virus it cannot enter the body at any cost.

How does a Vaccine work?

The basic function of a vaccine is that they produce more antibodies that help to kill a virus. RNA and DNA are the genetic material present in a virus and a human being.  Most of the viruses in the world are small pieces of RNA. Humans have DNA in their cells. RNA is made with one strand whereas DNA is made of 2 strands. RNA is made way fast than DNA so a virus can multiply very swiftly.

Vaccines are made using RNA. After researching for months scientists, have found the RNA from which the virus was made. With the use of chemicals, they weakened the RNA or the genetic material. In simple language, scientists made a vaccine using the Coronavirus which is very weak and cannot react. The chemicals present in the vaccine produces more antibodies which help to fight the Coronavirus present inside our body.

Pfizer, Novawax, Sputnik V, AstraZeneca, Covisield, Bharat biotech are some of the vaccines which are available. As a person gets vaccinated, he might have a temperature because as told earlier the vaccine consists of Coronavirus which are very weak.

The antibodies being produced by the vaccine starts fighting the virus inside our body causing us to get a temperature. A person might test positive covid after taking 2 doses but the main benefit of getting vaccinated is that an individual won’t die of the virus. There should be a 28-to-40-day gap between the 2 doses of the vaccine.

A hand sanitiser, on the other hand, kills the virus’s genetic material and spike protein. A sanitiser is a better option than a vaccine but we cannot drink hand sanitiser so vaccines are made available for the body. If a person drinks hand sanitiser it might remove and burn all the receptors present in the lungs causing him/her to die. No vaccine is better than another. Any vaccine we take is going to do the same thing another vaccine would do.


Stay safe, wear a mask and maintain distancing 🙏

Hope you’ll find this post interesting as well as knowledgeable, let me know in the comments.

This information is correct and factual to the best of the author’s knowledge, but it is not intended to replace formal, customized advice from a competent professional. This content is not plagiarized, and it is not intended to offend anyone’s feelings.

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